I have worked and am working on many programming-related projects for political entities, mainly for the Czech Pirate Party, which I’m also a proud member of. Here’s a list of some of them, all licensed under AGPLv3:

I’m also an active part of deciding the European Pirate Party’s program for the 2024 elections, specifically for the Free Software section.


In 2021, I translated and helped spread a petition against the mass scanning of unencrypted digital communication for CSAM - a new EU regulation dubbed ChatControl. The first temporary regulation passed, and in early 2022, a new permanent one which would also affect encrypted communication, cloud services and such was introduced.

So far, I’ve organized 5 demonstrations, sometimes varying in their success and amount of attendees, but I was happy with all of them. The petition got around 600 signatures over the course of a few months, and I presented it to the parliament around the end of September. Around that time, I also met up with some key parliamentarians to discuss the proposal and explain why I believe it to be a seriously bad idea. And, on the 31st, the European affair commitee put out a statement highlighting the major issues with communication privacy and explicitly asking for encryption rights to be upheld – but didn’t dismiss the proposal outright. This isn’t the result I was hoping for, but it’s certainly better than one in a universe where I hadn’t done anything at all.

Of course, that isn’t the end of things and the battle is now moving to the entirety of the EU, instead of just national parliaments. I’m currently perparing an europe-level petition, which will be launched soon.



A Flask and SQLAlchemy (not Flask-SQLAlchemy!) powered forum API I’ve been working on for quite a long time, designed to be very customizable and extensible, while remaining reasonably fast. While metadata like approximate length and timestamps remains visible, basic E2EE messaging is supported. There have been at least 3 attempts at making a frontend so far, but I’ve never been truly happy with their result. The next, hopefully final iteration will look very personal and fun, instead of being “universal” in order to appease everyone.

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Mapping mass surveillance.

So far, I’ve recorded and described over a thousand security cameras and other types of surveillance around my area. Aware of their constant presence, the streets I’ve walked across thousands of times before now feel like large-scale panopticons.

The thousand camera milestone was achieved on 2022-05-07! OSM view

Czech Julian Assange petition.

In collaboration with Helena Svatošová, Linda Sokačová and Dalibor Záhora, I made an online version of the local Julian Assange freedom petition.


Tor and I2P relays.

I run 2 Tor relays, one of them with exit traffic allowed, with a total maximum throughput of about 6MiB/s. I plan to run more in the future as well, outside any major datacenters and with providers like njal.la.

I2P relay temporarily out of order.

Tor relay 1 stats  •  Tor relay 2 stats